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Carl Jung
Dr Jordan B. Peterson
Michael John Holme

Dr Jordan B Peterson is influenced by Carl Jung; at least by his work on archetypes. My recent book, "Three Promises", also acknowledges the importance Jung placed on archetypes. I believe Peterson's descriptions of them are very important. They certainly describe my lived experiences.


Jordan talks about the Pinocchio story below in two videos, and there's a video about Peter Pan. All three are essential viewing.

 * * *

Starting with a Jordan B Peterson lecture, as part of his "Maps of Meaning" series, here's an interpretation of the 1940 Disney classic, Pinocchio -

* * *

The next YouTube video,, is much shorter, at seven minutes. I lived it. Peterson uses the Peter Pan story to say, "choose your sacrifice", and as early as possible. My 2015 poem, "Joe's second-hand testament", echoes that suggestion in its seventh and last section. That was a plug really.

 * * *

The featured video below returns to Pinocchio. BTW, you can find plenty similar Peterson videos by searching YouTube for yourself, and beyond Pinocchio and Peter Pan, of course. I think Jordan's answer in the video below is very moving; at least for me.

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