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I think "it's there all along, under our noses", and that for example, that is why Jesus said, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within", which many others alluded to. You can gather that on and around this website.

This page is different to my others. The latter share information in a rich array, whereas here, I tell you that that's not enough, but rather, "you must be proactive". Perversely, there is no way of knowing how best to be proactive. It's a "horses for courses" situation.

Please find faith in that I managed to do it. After studying sciences, at 21, and struggling all round, I instinctively began piano in earnest. By 24, I had a catastrophic nervous breakdown, but I persisted with any opportunity I was lucky enough to stumble upon. After many mistakes, I eventually "made it".

Whilst piano helped me a lot, I can't teach it to you. I'm no badminton coach, but couldn't help you with it even if I was. Nevertheless, I'm positive that actions have the propensity to be stepping stones that can advance you. I used to be very involved in poetry. For that reason, I have written a poetry tutorial type essay, of almost 9,000 words. It is tangible and shareable, and might help you move on in some way. You ought to investigate any stepping stones you find. It is called "Poetic genesis". Download it below. It aims to instill the foundations of the craft; leaving you to add the colour!


All downloads on this website, are genuinely free, with no questions, e.g., email addresses.


Please do anything. Just do something. If you get it wrong, try again.

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